You've heard it from all the experts - "A niche market is the best way to find success as a financial advisor or financial planner." A strong niche (or area of specialization) creates a sense of confidence for you as an advisor and for your clients.

But how do you start?

What is the right framework to get going?

This course outlines the fundamentals for niche market success using a simple, three-step process.

Specific topics include:

  • How to expand your expertise by really understanding the needs, concerns and challenges of your niche. Be that expert your niche clients are looking for.
  • How to demonstrate your expertise throughout your client advice process. Create a transformative client experience tailored to the needs of your niche.
  • How to market your expertise to attract new clients in your area of specialization. Position yourself as the go-to advisor for the specific help they need.

We provide the videos and worksheets you need to get started today!

Hi, I’m Adam Kornegay!

As a coach and consultant to hundreds of financial advisors and planners over ten years, I've seen too many of them struggle to get started with a niche.

I've created this course using Pathfinder's collective experience to make it simple to get started.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Five videos, each one packed with information.

I've kept them short and succinct to save you time.

Worksheets to help organize your thoughts and put your action plan together.

I want you to take to action (not just listen to me)!

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